2018 NCHI

North Carolina Homebrew Invitational


North Carolina Homebrewers Invitational (NCHI) is an event hosted by Cabarrus Homebrewers Society each fall to feature area brewers and encourage interaction between brew clubs, make friends, and share beers. The event is put together by home brewers for homebrewers. We hope you like it.


10/13/2018 setup time 11:00 am with a soft start time of 12 noon.


1244 Edgewood Ct.
Salisbury, NC 28147

This is a closed event on private land and is open to a limited group which consists of the paid members of the invited clubs and their guests. The event takes place at one our club members whose spacious yard/barn/woods is located outside of Salisbury. Overnight tent camping is encouraged, however trailer space is limited. Let us know asap if you want to bring a camper. Our camper space is the same place as our parking spaces.

Last year there were about 35 kegs and 150 people from area homebrew clubs. We make every effort to comply with all ALE laws and provide a safe and relaxing environment.

If coming from I-85 it's a good idea to take Exit 71 - Peeler road. When you are on Edgewood Court look for a large pile of mulch next to the small dirt road which plunges off into the woods

Please drive slowly when entering the event area so you don't run over people/dogs/equipment/llamas.

Serving Details

Each club can bring as many kegs as they can serve and is expected to bring everything they need to serve their beer (tables, taps, tubs, ice, tent, signs, tools, etc). Homebrew bottles/growlers are also welcome. Beer is self serve so no need for anyone to be stuck behind a jockey box. It’s a good idea to bring labels or something to identify your beer. Optionally some people bring a copy of the recipe for their beer and put it by their tap.

Each club should bring enough ice for their jockey box but we will provide ice for kegs and refills.

We suggest that you should bring a string of led or christmas lights to light your serving area once it gets dark. Bring an extention cord as well.


There will be friendly People’s Choice competition for the best beer of the day with a suitable award. Please provide the list of beers/styles/brewers by 10/7/2017 so the ballots can be made.


  • Pot-luck buffet
  • Kombucha Demo
  • Hop Pitching Presentation
  • Large open grill for cooking
  • Pulled pork bbq
  • Overnight camping
  • Door prizes
  • Equipment swap/sale
  • Fire pit area for relaxing
  • Music
  • Cheers Charlotte Live Recording
  • Dog friendly to friendly dogs


  • You choose to bring your children please watch them.
  • If you choose to bring your dog please watch it.
  • Keep an eye on anyone who seems to be over imbibing and let someone know.
  • Don’t let anyone drive while impaired.
  • Don’t let anyone under age drink.
  • Don’t harass the llamas (Seriously).

What can my club do?

Try to put a number on how many people and kegs you think your club will be coming with. We need those numbers by early September at the latest to plan for the day. Even if you aren’t sure exactly, an approximation gives us something to work with.

Putting on this event costs CABREW a non trivial amount of money. We ask each club to donate a few dollars to help cover the cost of porta johns, paper goods, ice, etc.

Do a demo. We are all about education, If you want to do a demonstration on anything beer related let me know and we can work out the details.

Collect and bring swag to add to the pile for the door prizes.

We are all home brewers having a good time. During the day if you see something that needs done (empty a full trash can, help carry something, moving a picnic table, making signs, etc) jump in and help out. It’s what makes the day fun for everyone.


There will be friendly People’s Choice competition for the best beer of the day with a suitable award. Please provide the list of beers/styles/brewers by 10/7/2017 so the ballots can be made.

Who can I bring?

This event is beer focused and you are welcome to bring your spouse and immediate family. Just keep in mind that people will be drinking.

Bring your own taster glasses.

Bring a lawn chair or two.

Bring a pen or pencil to write on your tasting sheet.

Other questions?

Contact Brad at braddoro@gmail.com.